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What happens when Ghana meets Italy?

 A messy amazing evening.  Driven from my friends' requests, I decided to organize a pizza workshop to teach my local friend how to cook pizza. Since we organized on a sunday, the plan was to meet at 2pm to have the time to get everything ready without finishing too late. But here is something you have to know about ghanians, they are always late. So what happened in reality?  We started very late, we were 15 and we only had a small gas oven. To be honest, I can still feel the stress I felt when I realized what was happening, but as soon as people came, having them there, and being all together calmed me down. I realized that everything would have worked out even if the original plan changed.  I settled ingredients for everybody, each of us was having it is own bowls and it is own instruction sheet. I was so happy to see all my friends very interesting in getting to know my culture. Baking pizza is a main thing in my family, we use to bake every saturday night and being able to hav

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